Merry Christmas!

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Hello everyone!!!

I wish everyone Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of love

Last day :)

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Hello everyone!

Today is a special day for me, because today I'm 19, when I'll get up tomorrow I'll be 20. So, my teen days is ended today. :) I'm so excited because of tomorrow. I'll meet that boy who I really like it, and I'll turn into my twenties!!! :) I'm old!!! Haha. :) I'll have a long weekend, then I'm going to write for you!!! :) I'm going to bring a lot of informations about me and a lot of pictures!!!
See you soon!!!!
Lots of LOVE


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Hello everyone!!!

Today our new family member was born at 13:40. The mum and the baby are very well!!! :) Me and my family is SOOOOOO happy!!! Here is one of the first pictures from her!! :)
She is Lara! :)

I'll write soon!!
Have a nice weekend!

Saturday morning

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Hello everyone! :)

It's 8 am soon and I'm in the bed yet. :) I'm a babysitter now, but my "babies" are sleeping. :) I thought that I share a little new information about me! :)
Information 1: I'm in the second year at college!
Information 2: I have to wait 3 weeks while Lara will arrive.
Information 3: I have been being on a diet for 2 month and I lost 13 kg.
Information 4: My godchild Gabi started the primary school this 1st of September.
Information 5: I would like to be in a communication with YOU guys who visit my blog! I'm interested you!!!

That all about me! I would like to know some informations about you! :)

Okay, today I'll go to a wedding!! Hurray!!! :) I love wedding! :D But I have a HUGE problem! It1s a typical girl problem: I don't know what will I wear. :))

I promised you I will tell you my summer, but I haven't enough time yet for the whole story. That's why I tell it short! :)

I was in a festival in Tata, and after the festival we spent one week there. I needed it, because I was totally tired after the exam period.

I was in Budapest. I visited my godchild. I spent there a week. We went every day somewhere! I really enjoyed this week, because every morning when I opened my eyes I saw my little love Gabi. One day when I opened my eyes he said that: "Mesi, I love you!". That mornig I was SUPERHAPPY!!!
I was in Balaton with my godmother and my cousins. We spent there 3 days, but that 3 days was so great! We were in the lake all day, because the weather was so hot. Every night we ate an ice-cream, and one night we ate a so delicious gyros in Siófok! :)

I was two weeks in a kidergaden. I really enjoyed every minutes and every moments that two weeks. I learnt a lot from the kindergarden teachers, and I got a lot of love from the children!!! <3 :="" font="">
In August I was in my first classmeeting! This was my first primary school classmeeting! We laughed and talked a lot. That night my form master told us I got engaged, and I'll get married on 20 of September! So this is the wedding what I'm going to go today! :)
And the last weekend an August me and my family went to Budapest. This Saturday was amazing, we ate a delicious food in a resturant, than we were shopping a little bit and during this shopping we ate a Mc Donald's ice-cream! :) And the night we were at the Circus. I wasn't at circus so many years, but this was so great!!! :)

That was my summer! :) What was yours? :)
I'll write you if I have more time! :)
Have a really nice weekend!!!

June :)

July :)

 With my daddy. :)

 Bence. :)

August! :)

1st of September! :)

PS.: Guys! Use the chat! Talk each other!!! :)


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Hello everyone!

I have a question. Why you don't write a comment???? You don't write none of  theme. I repeat why???? I would like some feedback, because I don't know how you like or not like my blog... 
Do you like my blog????
Please write comment maybe one is enough for me!


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Hello everybody! :)

I arrived! :) My holiday starts today. :) I finished my first semester at college. :) It was a fantastic year! :) Today I was my baby bro and his band concert. It was fantastic! :) I am their number 1 fan. :) This song is one of therir songs. Listen and share if you like it! :)

I will write soon! 

Have a beautiful summer! :)



They are Yes Alright. Krisz(rhythm guitar) Gergő (singer, and bass) Bence (my bro, guitar) and last but not least Domi (drummer). :)


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Hello everyone! :)

How r you? I'm fine but I'm really busy. Today I took my little cousin for the Violetta en Vivo. It was really good! :) We really enjoyed it! :) The whole room was singing the songs. We feel ourself like we are that concert! :) It was fantastic. :) 

Sorry but now I have to go, because my notes and my books are waiting for me. :/ I have 2 exam yet. I will do, I have to do! :)

Here is one of my favourite song from the concert. :)

Te amo Jorge Blanco ♥ (Leon)

Love you guys


PS.: I will write soon! :)